Kurdtel Co. Ltd - Iraq - Sulaimaniayh Salem Street - Near Sulaymaniyah Municipality Headquarter
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  • Kurdtel communications is the first leading company in Iraq & Kurdistan for providing fixed Telecommunication services widely, Our company was established on (2001)as a joint effort between Kurdistan Regional Government & The private sector to operate and develop Sulaimaniayh PSTN to introduce all the services for our subscribers efficiently, effectively & to maintain a long term partnership.

  • Our network covers most of Sulaimaniayh city .

  • We provide the internet access to all subscribers as mutual cooperation between our company and the (ADSL) provider company.

  • We provide the international access for our subscribers.

  • We also provide the interconnection services for the Telecommunication operators inside Sulaimaniayh through a reliable fiber optics network.

  • Our network is connected to the Iraqi National Telecommunication network using K-MOC Microwave network.

  Our Mission
  • Provide reliable cost effective services.
  • Increasing the area covered by our network and provide the service to the un served Ares.
  • build up our fiber optics network to meet the demand of the NGN transformation.

Our vision

     the leading Telecommunication service provider of fixed communications networks in our region & accelerate building up the Optical network towards developing & transforming our network to the IP based Technologies.

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